SPBU1328261 Shares Zakat to Mosques and Musholla Around the Village.

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PEKANBARU | Jejakkasus.info – M. Agus Priyatman as the SPBU manager.1329261 whose address is at the pesantren street, tenayan raya sub-district, delivered his office to the crew of the Ansori online media today Monday May 10, 2021, M. Agus Priyatman conveyed while reading a short verse from the Holy Qur’an by saying Bismillahirrohmanirrohim Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. “I am Agus Supratman as the manager of SPBU 1328261 whose address is the Islamic boarding school in Tenayan Raya sub-district today. The distribution of zakat to mosques and prayer rooms which are in a position to be built or renovated. Alhamdulillah, this event went smoothly as hoped to be accompanied by the Head of the Pembatuan kelurahan and how many stakeholders were present as well as representatives of several mosque leaders or administrators who felt worthy to receive this zakat or assistance.

“We hope that in the future it will be immortal l has become a routine that is very, very highly supported by our owner, Doctor Irfan Herman, Mrs. as the deputy secretary general of the PAN party and may not feel that this is all we can convey, hopefully it will be useful for the surrounding community to be used as well as possible Agus explained as the SPBU manager to the Ansori media crew. and the musholla around our sub-district, it was clear to the SPBU owner, said MSCHANDRA.W, when confirmed by the Ansori media crew.

“We hope, of course, there will be continuity or continuity of assistance from the gas stations, both from other parties for our local community in the form of money or maybe other forms of assistance. for the sake of current circumstances.

“Especially in the current economic situation which is still in the grip of the Covid19 disaster, of course the community’s economy has decreased drastically, so we really hope for this kind of assistance Sir, once again we are very grateful to the doctor’s gas station owner. Irfan Herman Mrs. as the deputy secretary general of the PAN party, this and our brother’s SPBU manager, M. Agus Priyatman earlier, because there are several mosques and prayer rooms in our urban villages and sub-districts, we are currently building or renovating mosques and prayer rooms, explained M.S.CHANDRA.W as the head of the unification village.

Author: ANSORI

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